A strategy for an unlicensed medicine supplier


A strong healthcare marketing strategy is all about understanding your market. We’re healthcare marketing experts. We know the healthcare market: who to talk to and where to gain the information we need to develop strategically sound marketing programmes.

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To position UL Medicines, a relative newcomer to the unlicensed market, as the go-to company for the supply of all imported unlicensed medicines and specialist products.

We undertook a strategic approach by researching the 4 key reasons a customer chose an unlicensed medicine supplier. Through this research, UL Medicine’s strap-line ‘Know Us, Like Us, Trust Us’ was born, and the further campaign was shaped.

UL Medicines saw the success of this strategy and rebrand increase their sales from £150K per month to now exceeding £1M per month. The initial strategy has helped evolve the company to become 'Unlicensed Experts'.


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