Corporate communications & reputation management

Onyx Health is much more than just a healthcare PR agency

We understand that your visibility and reputation go far beyond your products and services. It’s not just what you offer – it’s who you are, how and why you do it. It touches every facet of your business, from customers and investors to employees.

Working across multiple channels, we build trust and credibility with your target audiences to support and underpin your efforts in reputation management, HCP engagement, recruitment and more.

Building your visibility

Without the means of broadcasting your achievements and speaking to the relevant people, your reputation can only go so far. Our multichannel approach to finding those targets and serving them with relevant, credible content helps to grow your visibility in the healthcare industry.

From there, you have greater leverage in connecting with customers, investors and partners in your target markets.

Reputation management

Often, reputation management is associated with crisis management alone – a corporation’s response to a specific, often negative, event. An effective corporate communications strategy, however, also requires proactive means of managing and building reputation.

We grow your corporate reputation by creating genuine industry connections through earned and paid media activities, owned digital channels, and events.

Attracting and retaining talent in healthcare

By positioning your organisation as an employer of choice through internal and external communications, we ensure you attract and, crucially, retain the highest-quality talent.

Developing a strong identity and employee comms strategy also encourages employees to become brand advocates, in turn growing your influence beyond official company channels and providing more avenues for the right candidates to reach you.

Our services

We deliver on corporate communications through a range of services, including but not limited to:

Thought leadership

We create content and initiatives that not only showcase your expertise, on both a company and individual level, but also contribute to the broader conversation in your sector.

Media relations

Understanding the importance of the media, we put your research, product developments, opinions and advancements in front of journalists and react to trending topics.

Event Management

We provide event direction and execution, with a focus on strategic input and creative solutions that build awareness and visibility, encourage conversation and drive action.

Social Media

In line with regulatory guidance, we use social channels to build awareness and engage investors, HCPs and the media with targeted content.