We address clinical education needs through high quality, innovative learning solutions

The value of education

The most effective examples of medical education deliver unbiased and clear information keeping healthcare professionals (HCPs) up to date with the latest in disease management and treatment, making it a hugely helpful tool when it comes to providing the best patient care.

Despite the complexity of medical and scientific topics, medical education doesn’t need to be one-dimensional. While other healthcare marketing communication agencies might not venture far from the source material, at Onyx Health we fuse science and creativity to deliver the learnings in an engaging way.

Striking a balance between science and sentiment is key to educating and changing behaviours.

Beyond the expected

Pairing our individual knowledge and specialisms with real-world clinical and patient experiences. The result is innovative and effective learning programmes.

We also draw on our partnerships with clinicians and patient organisations, ensuring all medical education projects are backed up by genuine industry know-how.

Our holistic approach

By putting patients at the centre of everything we do, we understand their treatment journeys from initial awareness and diagnosis right through to post-treatment support.

We create medical education programmes that consider all steps a patient might take, not just the ones relevant to your company’s treatment.

There is an educational opportunity at every point in the patient journey, from open source content to closed access training programs, we can deliver engaging solutions that elevate your commercial objectives.

Disease awareness

Disease awareness and public health campaigns aim to increase public knowledge of specific health conditions. Whether it’s raising awareness of the risk factors associated with a disease to prevent cases or educating on symptoms to aid diagnosis, the end goal is the same: improving patient outcomes.

Executing a successful awareness campaign demands an in-depth understanding of the disease and its impact. Our campaigns not only stand out for their bold and engaging nature but also incorporate real-world patient experiences, showcasing our commitment to profound understanding and empathy—an integral practice we take pride in.

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Something specific in mind?

Our team is well-versed in the varied needs of medical education across many healthcare disciplines. We work closely with you and your own team to identify specific objectives, before crafting programmes around these. Get in touch to find out more about what we do at Onyx Health and how we can help you  


Virtual events, eLearning, online platforms, simulation training


F2F congress exhibition and symposium, interactive workshops, seminars


Webinars, case studies, podcasts, training materials, thought leadership

Gamified learning experiences

Revitalise your medical education experience with this unique approach.

We’ve partnered with Scrub Games to revitalise your medical education experience. This unique approach goes beyond a typical learning environment and introduces immersive escape room scenarios.

The challenges are incredibly engaging and make the learning experience both memorable and enjoyable. This e-book is free to download so take a look and learn about how we can turn your educational content into a fun adventure.