Medical education

A balanced approach to drive behavioural change

We create clear educational content and experiences for healthcare professionals (HCPs), through a range of learning preferences and methods. This flexible approach engages learners, keeping them on the pulse of the latest clinical and patient care practices.

While other medical education agencies may stick to the source material, at Onyx Health, we fuse science and creativity to go beyond the norm.

Our blended learning approach

From traditional lectures to interactive workshops, we find a balance that works for all learners – whether you’re providing continuing medical education (CME) or bringing your team up to speed on a new treatment.

Our partnerships with clinicians and patient organisations, across many therapeutic areas, also ensure our clinical education projects are backed up by genuine insight. This is possible through decades of industry experience and networking in our team.

The result: information retention, HCP engagement and, in turn, improved patient outcomes.

Gamification in healthcare

Partnering with Scrub Games, a gamified medical training provider, we go beyond typical learning. While lectures and wider reading provide the theory, Scrub Games’ immersive training puts it into practice in a safe and engaging environment.

Click below to download our free e-book on gamified medical education and see how you can get more from your educational content.

Putting patients first

As experts in healthcare communications, we understand the treatment journey from initial awareness and diagnosis through to ongoing support. This end-to-end understanding helps us spot educational opportunities at every point in the pathway and patient journey, and effectively educate HCPs on the treatment and management of conditions.

From open-source content to closed-access training, our medical education solutions keep patients front of mind.

Disease awareness

Our disease awareness and public health campaigns aim to increase public knowledge of specific health conditions. Whether we’re raising awareness of the risk factors associated with a disease to prevent cases or educating on symptoms to aid diagnosis, the end goal is the same.

Backed up by real-world patients, our disease awareness work is accurate, unbiased and bold.

Our MedEd services

Below are some of the key services we deliver medical education through:


We offer clinical education digitally through virtual events and e-learning, alongside in-person events and wider learning content

In person

Supporting our digital efforts, we also understand the value of in-person education – such as exhibitions, symposiums, and simulated workshops

Supporting materials

We create case studies, podcasts, thought leadership content and training materials to complement the digital and in-person activities