Brand development & promotion

Healthcare branding and more

Using our design, digital and scientific expertise, we develop your brand identity and create multichannel campaigns that set your product or service apart – whether it’s medicine, medtech or other.  

First, we help you define your objectives and what splits you from your competitors, a vital step in developing a brand identity and HCP engagement strategy. 

HCP engagement

Through creative and awareness campaigns, conferences and digital content, we engage your audience where it’s most active and build awareness of your product among HCPs and prescribers. 

We also recognise that simply promoting a product – a pharmaceutical drug, medical diagnostic or device, for example – will only take you so far if HCPs don’t understand how it works and where it sits within the treatment pathway. To ensure there are no gaps in understanding, we can also lean on our medical education expertise. 

Code compliance in healthcare and pharma marketing

Regulation is of course a key consideration when it comes to communications in healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing, but it’s one that we shoulder. Our understanding of best practice keeps you on the right side of regulation. 

The marketing of prescription treatments and medications is subject to strict codes of practice, and that may be an even greater concern if you’re operating in an unfamiliar market. At Onyx Health, we have proven experience in assisting product launches in the UK, Europe and US. 

Our brand development & promotion services

We deliver brand development & promotion through several services, including but not limited to: 

Brand strategy

We help define your brand strategy, including your identity, key messages and target audience – so your product or service stands out against competitors’

Multichannel campaigns

We work your key messages into multichannel campaigns that promote your products through 3D animation, video, podcasts and more

Digital and social

Our digital experts amplify your campaigns and put them in front of the relevant audiences, making use of SEO, social media activity and outreach

A one-agency approach to healthcare communications

We also offer medical education and corporate comms & reputation management services. For more on Onyx Health’s one-agency approach to healthcare comms, get in touch.