Our healthcare communications solutions

Specialists in pharma, biotech and medtech marketing communications

Combining our knowledge with real-world clinical and patient experiences, we create strategies that reach and engage your audiences, whether you’re speaking to potential investors or HCPs in your treatment area. 

We do that through corporate communications & reputation management, medical education and brand development & promotion. 

Corporate communications & reputation management

Reputation goes beyond products and services – it’s also about who you are and what your purpose is.

We work across web, PR, social media and events to grow your corporate identity among key audiences, from investors to potential candidates. This provides a foundation for your efforts in all other areas, whether it’s HCP engagement, recruitment or other.

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Medical education

Our medical education programmes deliver clear and effective information to build understanding of a particular disease area among HCPs. From there, we can improve decision-making, treatment approach and, as a result, patient outcomes.

Collaborating with leading industry experts and organisations, we develop evidence-based medical education content and deliver it through a variety of channels, including digital and in-person activities.

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Brand development & promotion

Complementing the above solutions, our work in brand development & promotion puts your products and services in front of the relevant audiences.

We help you define your key selling points and what splits you from your competitors, before creating campaigns that deliver those to HCPs and prescribers where they’re most active. We’ve also assisted product launches in the UK, Europe and US.

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Reaching your audience where they are

It’s all about synergy. Our team seamlessly integrates brand and messaging across various channels guiding healthcare audiences to where you want them to be.

Our strategies incorporate on and offline tactics to build effective audience journeys. Driven by data, we aim to provide maximum return on investment by testing, tracking and optimising spend throughout the life of the campaign.

Fusing science with creativity to go further

Our clients choose us for our in-depth knowledge of the industry, our ability to grasp complex scientific concepts and convert them into effective campaigns.

We have the ability to adapt and change direction, helping you hit your strategic objectives and deliver success.