Key to effective extravasation management

Niche drug awareness and education

A niche drug for managing chemotherapy extravasations in Europe faced low awareness, resulting in either the drug being unavailable, or left to sit on pharmacies’ shelves unused until expired, leading hospitals to no longer stocking it. To address this, we collaborated with influential UK and EU chemotherapy nurses to develop a robust education program aimed at training nurses in extravasation management, thereby increasing drug availability and usage.

International training initiative

Onyx Health spearheaded an international advisory board, collaborating with prominent European oncology nurses. Through their insights, we created a masterclass training course for extravasation management, endorsed by the European Oncology Nurse Society. The course, translated into seven languages, featured face-to-face masterclasses and an online version, complemented by instructional videos on product reconstitution.

Facilitating learning and boosting sales

Our masterclasses, supplemented by an online training platform, experienced overwhelming demand across European oncology communities. Sales of the product significantly increased as nurses became aware of the availability of the product, the treatment pathway and how to administer it. In those hospitals where it was unavailable, nurses either requested that the product be stocked or developed a treatment pathway with a neighbouring hospital to share stock.

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