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The Advantages of Using Agency vs In-House Solutions

By Onyx Health | 10th June 2021

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Have you ever wondered why businesses use agencies? Doesn’t it make more sense to have your own marketing manager or in-house team?  Aren’t agencies supposed to be expensive? 

The agency vs in-house debate is an age-old conundrum in the communication industry. The crux of the issue is whether it is more cost-effective to have an in-house team dealing with your communication activity vs the broader perspective provided by an agency 

This comes down to a fundamental question about what is best for your business and will deliver return on investment.  

What makes Onyx Health unique is that we are driven by knowledge to create success. It is our expertise in the healthcare and life science market that makes us stand out in the crowded agency market. 

Agency vs In-house solutions

Several things differentiate us from other healthcare agencies, one being our location. 

We are Geordie communicators located at heart Newcastle-upon-Tyne, famed for its hospitality and one of the fastest-growing digital clusters outside London. 

The team works throughout the UK and has international reach, working with clients from North America, Europe, and New Zealand,– In this digital age, distance is less important, but responsiveness is still vital.  

Our clients gain cost savings and fresh insight from our healthcare marketing experts, who have decades of experience in the sector. 

At Onyx Health, we are passionate about the work we do for our clients, and we can deliver impactful healthcare campaigns that get results. With a sound background in commercial and product management we know we don’t market for marketing’s sake, we have a keen eye for creating campaigns that serve your objectives. 

Don’t just take our word for it – check out our social media to see why our clients think using an agency works for them. 

For more information about our marketing communication and PR services, contact us on 0191 640 3638, email us at or visit our ThinkBig page

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