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Design | 23rd November 2016

Successful sales marketing, involves planning

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Once good marketing has done its work, there is an assumption that sales will easily follow. Good marketing presents the target customer with an offer that meets their needs, in the right place, and at the right time. This is the perfect environment to get sales and increase revenue, so why isn’t it happening?

Just like marketing, successful selling involves planning. There are questions you need to ask of your business, and these answers help you form an approach to your selling: How well do you know your customers? How do you access them? Do they come to you, do you visit, is it remote selling, or is it all three? Do you need a sales team? What are the options open to you? Do you have supporting literature, detail aids, presentations? Are your targets set, and are they achievable?

Effective sales planning helps to maximise the opportunities created by your marketing. It gives direction to your sales team and helps overcome the limitations of being in a big market.

At Onyx Health, we are experts in healthcare marketing communications and sales. We know what it takes to sell a product in this highly competitive and often complex market, whether that is a licensed pharmaceutical product, a consumer brand, a medical device or diagnostic.

We can help feedback on your current sales process, telephone selling and front line sales staff – including mystery shopping or run a sales workshop for your team – audit existing sales aides and presentation materials, and produce a SWOT analysis of your sales landscape, identifying gaps and opportunities. For some clients, we even manage their online sales process.

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