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Medical Education

By Onyx Health | 19th June 2020

Onyx Health Launch ILE: The Next Generation in Digital Engagement

The COVID-19 outbreak has been a game changer for the communications industry. There has been endless talks of using digital...


By Onyx Health | 12th March 2020

Enhancing Digital Strategies

The coronavirus outbreak is affecting businesses both big and small but don’t give up, it’s important to keep going, as...


By Onyx Health | 5th March 2020

Accessing customers through automated email marketing

Automated email marketing allows companies to send regular, real-time messages based on customer actions or viewing history. It can be triggered by a website visit, engagement with specific email campaigns,...


Onyx Health

By Onyx Health | 28th June 2019

North East Based Healthcare Marketing Communications and PR Agency, Onyx Health sees mid-year Expansion

Following a solid first half of 2019 and increased business demands, Hoults Yard based Healthcare Marketing Communications and PR Agency,...

Onyx Health

By Onyx Health | 23rd May 2019

A healthcare marketing communications agency driven by knowledge to create success for you

  It’s daunting when you’re in search for a healthcare marketing communications agency, which more than likely is what brought you to this page. At Onyx Health, we don’t just develop healthcare marketing...


By Onyx Health | 10th May 2019

The Importance of External Communication for SMEs

It doesn’t require any insider knowledge to know that the key to business success is marketing. However, many SMEs still...


By Onyx Health | 2nd May 2019

Healthcare SMEs: Are you ready for a digital future?

As more and more people take to their keyboards and smartphones, the more the world around us is becoming digitally-focussed. In healthcare...


By Onyx Health | 18th April 2019

Blockchain technology looks to set trend in Healthcare for 2019

When blockchain comes to mind, what do you think of? Perhaps bitcoin? For those who are not familiar with blockchain, let us give you a run down. ...


By Onyx Health | 11th April 2019

The Value of Using an Agency

As an agency, it’s no surprise that we believe in our value and what we can bring to the table.   That said, we understand outsourcing to an...