Marketing Case Study

Keep on reading to see our marketing services in action via a case study on the subject.

The Challenge

Our client wanted to continue to grow their share of the vertigo market but no longer provided sales force support for the product.

Our aim was to develop a range of educational and targeted marketing activities to both GPs and Secondary Care Consultants.

The Work

We initially created an online resource called The Dizzy Centre, with an animated e-detail video to educate GPs and Secondary Care Consultants about the drug. At the Dizzy Centre GPs and Secondary Care Consultants can find out how the drug works, learn about the different types of vertigo and request further information.

From here, we created a series of hard-hitting direct mails to inform doctors about the drug's superiority over less effective products which are commonly prescribed to treat vertigo symptoms.

A promotional exhibition stand was also created for use at ENT events, to continue to raise awareness of the vertigo drug among doctors.

The Result

This marketing campaign resulted in greater visibility of the brand, leading to a 67% rise in GPs prescribing the drug for the first time.

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