This is Sialorrhoea


PM Society Awards Finalists

An overlooked condition

While drooling is a common occurrence in the first 2 years of life or during sleep, persistent sialorrhoea, or excessive drooling, after the age of four may signal underlying neurological issues.

Sialorrhoea is an often overlooked symptom of neurological disorders in children, yet it can have a profound impact on their lives as it can lead to social exclusion and discomfort.

Benji’s Story

Connecting with patients through storytelling

As part of the communications program, increasing awareness of the condition and educating about its impact amongst the general public was important. It enabled members of the patient community such as healthcare professionals, parents, and carers, to find relevant information, suitable for their needs.

Central to the campaign is Benji the Bear, an animated character representing Ben, a UK patient. This warm and friendly bear serves as a storytelling focal point, connecting with patients and their families. The campaign assets, including a public website, patient brochure, and waiting room poster, feature a bold, colourful design and concise messaging to facilitate easy translation into multiple languages.

Easy to understand and readily available

Through research, we discovered that existing online information was text heavy and required a level of healthcare literacy to understand. Our goal was to make the ‘This is Sialorrhoea’ campaign accessible to everyone, therefore we ensured the campaign materials including the public website, used simple language and striking visuals.

While print materials were made available at clinics, online content was tailored around the most common search queries so that it could be found by users researching the topic on the internet.

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