Gaining national media coverage for a non-invasive treatment technology

PolyPhotonix wanter to raise awareness of their NHS partnership for the use of their Noctura 400 mask; which utilises green light to treat diabetic retinopathy in those suffering from Diabetes while they sleep. Onyx Health were tasked with gaining national attention for PolyPhotonix’s pioneering mask to further opportunities for similar adoption.

PolyPhotonix specifically requested national coverage of the partnership, citing The Mail on Sunday and local paper Northern Echo as their key targets.

National press coverage

The press release focussed on the mask’s efficacy as a non-invasive solution in comparison to existing invasive injection treatments, highlighting not only the mask’s fantastic clinical trial results but prioritising the mask as a cost-effective solution for the NHS. A bespoke target media contact list was created, and the release was timed for distribution to circumvent the press coverage surrounding the UK Prime Minister’s resignation, to ensure pick up. Journalists were individually contacted by email and a follow-up selling phone call provided additional case studies and information.

A successful outcome

Several industry and local outlets ran the story, as well as national titles, including The Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, and the Telegraph, alongside Health Tech Digital and Business Leader totalling a potential audience of more than 167 million across digital and print readerships. The client was thrilled with the level of coverage received and has now engaged us for a set of globally related press activities.