Medical Device Innovation

Creative thinking to launch an innovative medical device in the US

SAFIRA, a tool born from medical device innovation, that improves anaesthetic delivery by regulating the pressure by which anaesthetic is administered for regional anaesthesia, was set to launch in the US. Our client, Medovate, wanted a creative concept and marketing assets to generate interest at a medical congress, but due to COVID-19, the congress was cancelled and we needed to adapt.

Creating an agile digital strategy

A value proposition, creative concept, and messaging matrix was developed for SAFIRA and we worked with Medovate’s US distribution partners to create a toolkit that can be utilised when speaking online with potential end users and customers.

By being agile, we were able to adapt to a digital strategy quickly, developing engaging digital assets such as banner adverts, animations, online and interactive training presentations, a digital sales aid and a landing page housing a data capture form.

Giving Anaesthesiologists Control

The ‘Giving Anaesthesiologists Control’ concept was well received by Medovate’s US distributors, who felt the product collateral was beautifully designed while remaining concise, engaging, and informative to ensure SAFIRA resonated well with sales reps and customers.