Creating a BOLD vision

Introducing a pharma company across Europe

Amarin Corporation, a mid-sized pharmaceutical company from the US, was on the brink of receiving EMA approval for its drug, prompting its decision to go it alone and establish a European presence in 12 markets. Amarin initially had a low profile in Europe, so building a reputation was crucial for rapid expansion.

A new vision emerges

We created a bold vision for Amarin’s European business, later adopted globally, emphasising its unique commitment to improving patients’ lives. This strategic focus guided all communication efforts to showcase Amarin’s entrepreneurial spirit. Initially, efforts centred on recruiting top talent for both the European HQ and local markets. Once this was achieved, the corporate focus switched to customers the company wanted to engage with.

Communication with purpose and longevity

The corporate vision played an important role at medical congresses, launch events and when talking to the media. Working within regulatory guidelines, we also helped Amarin develop a global social media policy and strategy. Within a year, Amarin successfully expanded its European operations, filling senior positions with talent from major pharmaceutical firms who embraced Amarin’s vision.

The journey towards enhancing the company’s reputation with customers and advocacy continues. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – underscoring the ongoing need for strategic communications.

Don't take our word for it

I would, and indeed do, recommend Onyx Health. You guys do an excellent job. If you don’t know something, you learn it, and you teach your clients when they don’t know – and you do that with tact, professionalism, and the quality work that characterises you. It is also fun working with you and for me this is important; we spend too much time at our jobs for work to be boring. I can go on, so I’ll finish with a thank you, well done, and I look forward to working with you and the team next year and beyond.

Senior Communications Manager at Amarin