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A global campaign to help HCPs see the world through the eyes of the patient


We were approached by a global pharma company to help promote their antihistamine product to HCPs. The aim was to communicate the allergy relief benefits for children and adolescents, when compared to competitor products, and drive HCP recommendations

Creating a compelling story

We created a visually engaging and emotive campaign to encourage HCPs to see the allergy world through the eyes of a child. A traditional tale of heroes and villains, the ‘Knight and Day’ campaign tells the story of the metaphorical allergy monster, that sets out to ruin the lives of children, day or night. HCPs know that allergies can have a significant impact on the daily lives of children, but how how do allergies make children feel? Our campaign resonates with HCPs as it’s presented through the lens of their patients.

The creative storytelling, backed by data and scientific studies, creates a compelling reason for HCPs to recommend our client’s antihistamines during consultation.

Creating a comprehensive global solution

The toolkit and supporting campaign guidebook included a strategic pathway to HCP adoption, content stories, materials, image library, iconograpy, illustrations, and animations. Providing a comprehensive solution, that allows our client’s global marketing teams to execute campaign activities effectively across local markets.

Following outstanding feedback and the continued development of new materials, our client has now asked us to create a new HCP campaign that focuses on antihistamines for adults.

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