Digital Education

Sparking a renewed interest in an established treatment

The cardiovascular treatment and prevention pathway is well established, but with relatively little innovation, keeping treatments front of mind was challenging. There is a grey area in current risk reduction guidelines, where clinicians require more guidance when making prescribing decisions.

A comprehensive suite of materials for global localisation

Onyx Health researched and compiled existing data to support a fresh narrative around the concept of the cardiac continuum and new diagnostic techniques. This aims to aid prescribing decisions for patients whose cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk is calculated as being close to a decision threshold, along with evaluating the risk/benefit profile of prophylactic treatment. This was developed into a suite of data packs, messages and visuals for localisation globally. To support and bring the story to life, a suite of animated videos and a HTML digital sales aid was developed for implementation through the sales platform, as well as for use across congresses and social media.

Setting the standard

The suite of materials has been rolled out to the global consumer and pharma teams for dissemination, setting the standard for the toolkits provided to the regions by the global marketing team.