A brand refresh for a biotech business


Branding is important. Getting it right could mean loyalty and longevity for your company and its products. We can support you through every stage of the branding process, from defining your products and business, to setting your tone and developing your message.

  • Names, logos & straplines
  • Tone, positioning & key messages
  • Brand design & strategy

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Newcells Biotech wanted to strengthen their position in the human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) market and increase the number of unqualified leads from a broader mix of companies.

Onyx Health developed a value proposition, updated key messages and revitalised the branding to tell the Newcells Biotech story; emphasising advances in pre-clinical research that could be made by collaborating with Newcells to reflect their corporate positioning. This included updating and redesigning their logo, as well as creating new straplines to encapsulate the essence of the company.

The old website was updated to a new interactive platform to better promote Newcells Biotech's products and services to its target audience. This included call to actions throughout to make it easier for potential customers to contact them for more information and for the client to keep on top of leads.


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