We understand where HCPs go to seek information and build strategies to amplify your message

Forward-thinking is key to HCP engagement

The way in which pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies engage with HCPs continues to evolve at pace, with HCPs seeking to find the information they need, in their own time.

With HCPs embracing a broader range of digital channels than ever before and attendance at on-site scientific meetings back up to pre-pandemic levels where do you begin when developing your HCP engagement strategy?

Forward-thinking is key. We begin by understanding where your audience goes to seek information and how they like to digest it. We can then build your strategy and create partnerships with professional organisations and individuals who are going to help amplify your message.

By doing this we can help HCPs to make better informed decisions within clinical practice.

Working with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Industry Experts

Key opinion leaders (KOLs), wield the power to influence their peers and change perceptions.

They are an esteemed expert in their chosen field and respected for their work and research in clinical practice. However, when thinking about your HCP engagement strategy, it’s important to think beyond this by considering other factors such as personality, communication skills and social following.

At Onyx Health we have worked with industry experts for more than 20 years. Our success is in our ability to identify the right partnerships, and then over time, we nurture and build long lasting relationships. The result, a diverse engagement program that includes influential voices and thought leaders who help to influence and shape the decision-making of their peers.

Working with Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs)

In recent years, Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) have become increasingly influential in the creation and dissemination of educational content. Unlike content created in collaboration with KOLs, that requires a peer review before dissemination, the content created by a DOL is more light touch and less constrained.

The use of social media within HCP engagement strategies is currently under-utilised. A collaboration with the right DOL could have a huge impact on your education objectives because they can share knowledge and information to their peers in a format that is easily digestible and engaging.

Event activity

In person events offer something unique; the opportunity for meaningful face-to-face interactions, networking, and hands-on experiences. Yet competition for the attention of delegates is higher than ever; standing out amongst the competition is imperative.

Live and virtual events also provide an opportunity to engage a wider online audience via pre, during and post event activities. Indeed, post event activities are vastly underutilised.

At Onyx Health, we believe the key to success lies in curating experiences that are both informative and memorable, ensuring a connection that lasts long after the event is over. We will guide you through the whole process, from event planning and management to pre- and post-event activity.

Evaluating and demonstrating impact

Assessing and demonstrating HCP knowledge gain and behaviour change in clinical practice is difficult. But it’s necessary.

We can build bespoke evaluation strategies specific to the campaign objectives to assess changes over time.

KPIs and metrics are created and utilised during the life of the campaign to measure the impact of key activities.