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Why Medtech Companies Should Embrace Visual Brand Communications

By Onyx Health | 14th May 2020

By Trevor Pill, Associate Director

Medical Technology (Medtechis an exciting mix of innovative companies that combine science, engineering and product design with cutting-edge technology. The endresult is a product that can potentially help to improve the lives of millions of people across the worldThis provides the perfect mix of ingredients that, when combined together, would create a truly memorable communications campaign.  

Whilst the Pharmaceutical industry has recognised the need for better visual brand communications in recent yearsMedtech companies all too often lagbehind. But why is this? Too much focus on the technology? Not enough up-front investment? direct sale only culture in the company? A lack of understanding in the sector of brand communications and the value it can bring to a product? 

For me, visual brand communications within the Medtech and Life Science sectors is one of the most undervalued business assets. There are too many fantastic products that just aren’t getting through the systemProducts that can disrupt and change the healthcare system for the benefit of patients, as well as easing the financial pressures on our NHS. So, how can visual brand communications have a positive impact? 

Let’s go back to basics for a moment. A brand is more than just a symbol, a logo or a statement. A brand establishes an identity, and differentiation that can drive economic value. But perhaps most importantly a brand has the ability to change the attitude of target audiences including both professionals and patientsThis is particularly important in the healthcare industry, when messages of positivity and hope are an integral part of a products success. 

Visual brand communicationis exactly what it sounds like, more visual. We all recognise the phrase ‘a picture can tell a thousand words’ and that is because it is far easier for our brains to an establish an emotional connection to an image than a body of text. This is evident on social platforms, for example, if you include an image with your tweet, it is far more likely to receive some level of interactivity 

In recent years, video has become the go-to format for brand communications. Video is a very powerful format and one that lends itself perfectly to the med tech sector. A video or animation is the perfect storytelling tool because within a couple of minutes you can encapsulate the essence of the brand, create an emotional connection with the audience, communicate key information and sell the product or technology. When we think about the modern world, we are certainly a content rich society, but we lack time. People no longer have the luxury to leisurely read through every little detail. This is especially true in healthcare with clinicians and hospital departments over-stretched and time poor, and this is where visual brand communications can inform, educate, or persuade a person to take action. 

For too long the Medtech industry has been on focused on the product, technical details and not their brandNow is the time to think differently, to be more creative and disruptive, your brand should stand up for what it represents. When thinking about your communication strategy, you need to think more visually. This will create better connections with customers, drive long-term loyalty and generate revenue. 

It’s funny because when I was tasked with writing this article I thought ‘this is a little contradictory, a written article about why we should communicate more visually…hmmmm’. So, I’m going to practice what I preach and here are my top 5 tips on how to develop better visual brand communications. 

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