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We know money doesn’t grow on trees and for many, marketing may seem like an unaffordable luxury. However, its role in business growth makes it an essential investment 

Your success is our success. Onyx Health has a proven track record in helping SME’s flourish into thriving global companies. We’re SME experts with over three decades of experience in the healthcare and life science sectors. That’s why we can help deliver communication results that will drive sales.  

Being small doesn't have to stop you thinking big

We tailor agile solutions to your challenges. Onyx Health offer a budget-friendly menu of marketing communications packages designed specifically for SMEs and start-ups.

Start Up

This could be the most productive chat you ever have as it helps us put you on track for growth and sales. Once we know a bit more about you, we can prepare a detailed start-up plan for your marketing communications and sales. We can help you confirm:

  • • Who your customers are
  • • What you want to tell your customers
  • • How to reach your customers
  • • Who your competition is
  • • Your price points
  • • The most appropriate channels of communication
  • • What your website should contain
  • • Your branding options

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Marketing Strategy

Spending time developing your marketing strategy is essential if you want to generate sales. A well-defined marketing communications strategy helps to identify customer needshow your product will meet those needs and sets goals with respect to the number of potential customers to be reached. Our marketing communications package includes: 

  • • Desktop and field-based market research
  • • Existing materials audit
  • • Economic analysis
  • • Marketing objectives
  • • Target audience identification
  • • Marketing and implementation plan
  • • Marketing budget spend vs potential income for 12 months

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Key Messages

Effective communication is vital in businessKey messages, with repeated use, serve as the foundation of all your written and spoken communicationsHaving a set of key messages will ensure communication is clear, concise, and persuasiveinformation is focused and prioritised so that audiences understand your product and you consistently deliver the right message, at the right time. Our key messages package includes: 

  • • An overview of your company goals and objectives to align your messages with your business strategy
  • • Identification of the vocabulary you want associated with your brand
  • • Competitor analysis
  • • Development of a key messages document

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Brand Development

A strong brand is just as important to a small business as it is to a big corporation. Branding is a way of defining your business, your team, and an opportunity to connect with your customers in a way that will lead to an increase in sales. By defining your brand, you will also be providing your company with the perfect platform in which to extend future offerings and services. Our branding package includes: 

  • • Audit of existing brand identity and supporting materials
  • • Development of the brand assets including logo design, icons and supporting graphical elements
  • • Brand guidelines presentation document

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Social Media Set-Up

Social media is essential for all modern businesses — but only if it has a purpose. Social media is about building social capital through engaging and relevant content to convey your key messages to your target audiences. The more valuable your content the greater influence and impact you will have, through your social media channels. Our social media package includes: 

  • • Development of a social media SOP including identification of appropriate platforms
  • • Social media support and counsel (3 months)
  • • Content development, including visuals, and management for two platforms (3 months)
  • • Analytics and reporting

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Communications Management

Do you have a non-product or service-related message that you need to communicate? Recalls and service notifications and public awareness can be as time consuming as sales and are just as critical to your reputation. Our Communications Management package includes 

  • • Strategy development and implementation of a (up to 12 month) external reputation strategy
  • • Comms management including development of company messages, statements and Q&A documents (x3)
  • • Press queries – Press office function to manage any inbound media request (12 month)

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Media Engagement

Not all media coverage is equal. Engaging media outlets that serve your target audience with relevant and interesting opportunities can be key to making contacts, building reputation and driving sales. Our Media Engagement package includes 

  • • Development of a media pack (4 pages)
  • • A ‘how-to’ guide for working with the media
  • • Creation of a bespoke media target list
  • • Press releases (x3), distribution and follow-up

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KOL Development

Strategic partnerships with key opinion leaders (KOLs) remain important at every stage of a products lifecycle. Today, the term KOL is extended to include a whole number of healthcare experts such as payers, commissioners, health economists and patient groups to name a few. Importantly, a KOL can possess a unique level of credibility and influence that peers (and customers) use to inform a purchasing decision. Our KOL identification and engagement package includes: 

  • • KOL mapping exercise
  • • KOL engagement
  • • Strategic and tactical support

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Sales Health Check

Once good marketing communications has done its work, there is an assumption that sales will easily follow. 

Just like marketing, successful selling involves planning. There are questions you need to ask to form an approach to selling: How well do you know your customers and how do you access them? Do they come to you, do you visit, do you sell remotely? Do you have supporting materials? Are your set targets achievable? Effective sales planning helps to maximise the opportunities created by marketing communications and gives direction to your sales team. Our Sales Health Check package includes:  

  • • Feedback on your current sales process
  • • Audit of existing sales aides
  • • SWOT analysis of your sales landscape
  • • Sales workshop for your team
  • • Getting the basics right
  • • Recommend actions on sales approach and materials
  • • Review of current sales targets

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Medical Education

The term ‘medical education’ (sometimes referred to as MedEd or MedComms) refers to any activity designed to maintain or improve the performance, knowledge or skills of healthcare professionals (HCPs). There are a myriad of education channels and disruptive innovations now available to HCPs, meaning companies need to be braver and more creative in how they educate.  Whether this is accredited, or non-accredited, medical educational activities are an invaluable offering that helps to drive forward clinical practice that ultimately improves patients’ health outcomes. Strategic planning of Medical Education programs could include:  

  • • Publication planning and execution
  • • Coordination of HCP roundtables, symposia or standalone meetings
  • • Help to deliver e-learning and digital education programmes

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Digital Health Check

A well-crafted digital strategy is a must. Your social media and website are your shopfront. Potential customers want to be able to listen, interact and discuss your products and services with your company and others through your digital assets. It takes a careful balance of images, well crafted copy, slick functionality, interactive features and effective SEO to make them an asset to your business. Our Digital Health Check package includes: 

  • • A review of all current digital assets including website, social media and other assets
  • • Development of recommendations

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Investment Communications

Investors look for different things to potential customers. Having a clear, concise, and accessible story is a valuable asset when pitching for investment. Making sure you have all the key points investors look for presented in an easy to understand format is an asset to any new or growing business. Our Investment Communications package includes: 

  • • A half day senior strategy working session with your team to work through objectives, content, investor message development and storytelling
  • • Creation of an investment deck content

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Think Big Learning

We want to be your partner.

The #ThinkBig initiative is our way to help healthcare and life science SMEs get their business in front of decision makers. We are committed to helping our community understand where marketing communications can help them.

#ThinkBig With Us
Communication for Investment

This virtual event was held in partnership with Bionow on 18th November 2020. You can watch a full recording free of charge, of the hour-long discussion below

Watch the discussion

As further support, we have also created an infographic on, Tips to consider when creating your investor presentation, which you can download from us below

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