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There’s a doctor in the house

By Onyx Health | 16th November 2020

Weve been cracking open the champagne at Onyx Health to celebrate the academic achievements of one of our brightest colleagues. 

Our resident science guru Thais is now officially Dr De Las Heras Ruiz, after completing her PhD in Genetic Medicine and Tissue Engineering at Newcastle University. 

Originally studying at Biotechnology at Murcia University, she left her native Spain to undertake postgraduate work in cell and tissue engineering at Keele University in Staffordshire. Thais made a move up north to Geordieland back in 2015, when she was accepted onto a PhD at Newcastle Universitys Institute of Genetic Medicine.  

Thais had a personal motivation behind her studies. She was inspired to take up her chosen field as the result of family illness and the desire to give something back by contributing scientific researchLearning more about the world of communications helped Thais to recognise the important role medical education has in informing people about disease management. 

Since joining Onyx Health in 2019, she has been putting her medical know-how to good use on the scientific writing side of the agency, becoming involved in all aspects of client work on accounts such as Colonis, Bayer and Newcells. 

Thais said One of the key trends in medicine is the personalisation agenda, this applies both to patient care and diagnosticsThe expertise in genetic medicine and tissue engineering Ive gained through my PhD has helped me advise my clients on complex scientific issuesAt a time when scientific developments are reshaping the sector, understanding the implications can help our clients get ahead of the game. 

Commenting on Thais’ success Onyx Health Managing Director, Karen Winterhalter, said Were so proud of Thais, all her hard work and dedication has finally paid off. She has been an asset to the team since she started just over a year ago; her scientific writing skills have added value to the agency. We now consider her an honorary Geordie. Thais has an energetic and bubbly personality, with a remarkable gift of brightening up the office on the dullest of days. 

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