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Design | 27th September 2016

Start-up and get moving with Onyx Health

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To make your product commercially viable, you have to think about your sales and marketing. We know that cash can be a struggle for start-up businesses as all the money you have or have raised often goes into development and research. However, if your business is small with a budget to match, you can still make an impact on your sales and in your market with our Start-Up Package.

As experts in healthcare marketing communications and sales, we can provide you with the guidance and activities to give you access to the market and the sales that go with it.

Firstly, join us free of charge, at one of our 4 internal courses.

After this, we’ll ask you to take away a short questionnaire about your business, which you can return for us to review. It could be the most productive questionnaire you ever complete as it will help us to decide your eligibility for our Start-Up Package and put you on track for growth and sales.

So…now we’ve met and got to know more about you, we will prepare a detailed start-up plan for your marketing communications and sales.

For more information about our marketing communications services, contact Onyx Health on 0191 640 3638, email

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