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Onyx Health | 17th December 2019

Meet our resident digital strategist Ryan Gibson

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This month we’re getting to know Onyx’s digital strategist Ryan Gibson, to find more about his background, skills and industry know how.

Ryan sat down with Content Writer Andrew for a quick-fire Q&A.

Where did you grow up?

I’m a Nottinghamshire native who moved up to Geordie land to study Advertising and Design at the University of Sunderland. I loved my new adopted home so much, I decided to stick around after Uni.

What do you get up to outside work?

During my chill out time, I enjoy drawing and making anything creative, particularly upcycling furniture. As guilty as I feel, I am often browsing social media – which I suppose is handy to my role.

How did you get involved in digital communications?

My first foray into the world of digital marketing was in the telecommunications sector, where I was responsible for social media management, marketing material design and branding.

I then joined Onyx Health in 2016 in a graduate role and through myself into the digital communications side of the business, spending much of my time learning from the many of the digital leaders based in the North East.  Newcastle is the largest growing digital cluster outside of London.

What inspires you about digital communications?

I’m inspired by the challenge of delivering work that has influence and impact. The work I do with our clients has the potential to improve real people’s everyday lives. This is what really hits home for me and is the reason why I’ve become part of the office furniture at Onyx Health.

Why is digital strategy important for businesses in our sector?

There’s a burning need for the industry to get up to speed with the way digital technology has disrupted the traditional communications landscape to avoid being left behind.

The business benefits of digital communication cannot be overstated. In the age of Google, Facebook and Twitter, data driven results need to be integrated into part of organisation’s business strategy to get them seen and heard.

This has big time benefits in terms of making customer journeys more effective and developing target marketing with greater precision. There also practical advantages through the process automation, which can free up staff time for other more important things.

 What’s next for digital communications?

In an age where technology is reshaping the healthcare sector, with rise of personalised virtual care and the patient power agenda creating new target consumers, there is an increasing need for companies to get ahead by getting into digital.

Our new digital offering will play an important role in making this happen for businesses in the healthcare and pharma sectors.

Tell us about the new digital communications offering?     

We’ve just launched our exciting new digital communications offering at Onyx Health. Our clients will be guided through their new digital strategy journey with a series of bespoke digital workshops and training with industry experts, who will work with them to develop digital solutions to meet their business needs.

This will also include a powerful range of digital tools such as content strategy, automated marketing, meaningful platform design and social media campaign strategy, with a strong emphasis on customer experience.

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