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Why do we think rebranding is important?

By Onyx Health | 1st August 2019

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A rebranding initiative can transform a healthcare company, outlining a new way forward, adding value to the company, boosting internal morale, and helping others to better understand the needs of the work you do and why you do it.

Let us give you just one example. Cancer Research UK are a well-known organisation, but although most of the UK know who they are, they may not know exactly know what they do. 

Despite the lifesaving and community based fund raising work organised by teams at Cancer Research UK, their pre2014 logo felt far too corporate and detached from the company’s warmth and community feel. 

Cancer research old branding

Rather than overhaul the entire brand, or rename the company, the rebranding team behind Cancer Research UK simply took a different approach to an existing idea. They ditched the corporate arrow and instead used colourful dots to create a ‘C’. The organisation was better able to communicate its core positioning of “together we can beat cancer”. In our opinion, the new identity speaks to the collective, community-focused approach needed to succeed in helping families coping with the disease. 

Cancer research rebranding logo

We’re living in a world where trends are constantly changing, and the healthcare industry is no exceptionIt’s difficult to manage and maintain a modern image. This is where we as a specialist Healthcare Marketing Communications and PR agency can play a huge role in a company’s rebrand strategy. 

Rebranding is an option that many companies either fear, overlook or don’t value enough. However, keeping your look, feel, and values fresh can be key to keeping your company in the front of people’s mind. 

A unique logo, catchy strapline and brand name are three key elements of your brand identity. Remember rebranding doesn’t always have to mean an overhaul of your brand. A slight revamp can make all the difference. 

We can contribute to every stage of your branding and rebranding process, from helping you name your products and business to designing logos, setting the tone and defining your message.  


Find out what branding services we offer or for more information about Onyx Health and our additional offerings call 0191 640 3638 or email 

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