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Design | 19th October 2016

The value of medical education activity

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The term ‘medical education’ (sometimes referred to as MedEd or MedComms) refers to any activity designed to maintain or improve the knowledge or skills of healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Healthcare companies will recognise the need for HCPs to receive ongoing clinical and scientific education, and the value this support has on their relationships with HCPs.

A company can deliver medical education directly or indirectly. Traditionally, the latter has its roots in producing materials such as journal manuscripts for peer review, professional learning, poster presentations or sponsorships to attend independently organised educational programmes. However, the myriad of education channels and disruptive innovations now available to HCPs, mean companies need to be braver and more creative in how they educate HCPs. This is especially important as HCPs rarely have the time or resources to attend physical events.

Payers, patient groups and other healthcare stakeholders may also benefit from medical educational activities. If you are bringing a new product to market, educating your customers about how it works, its place in the treatment pathway and how to use it needs to be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Medical educational activities are an invaluable offering that helps to drive forward clinical practice that ultimately improves patients’ health outcomes.

Onyx Health

At Onyx Health, we are committed to helping clients explore opportunities to facilitate opportunities to educate their healthcare stakeholders. We’re able to develop strategically minded programmes to align with your business objectives, but that also drives HCP behaviour change.

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