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Design | 18th November 2016

Media relations – Extra! Extra! Read all about it

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Media relations refers to the relationship that you as a company or organisation develops with journalists. A media relations campaign can help you get your foot in the door as you take your product or service to market. Targeting the leading voices and media outlets in your market with newsworthy messages can be very effective, whether you want to improve your corporate visibility, launch a product or boost a sales promotion.

Everyone dreams of a big splash in the national press, generated by one single press release. It sounds so easy and simple to do, but it rarely happens and can’t be sustained. Press releases don’t always get an instant response.

Quite often, clients can unknowingly find themselves in a bubble, isolated from the real world. Whilst they may think they have a superb product or service to offer (or some brilliant words of wisdom to share), whether it’s true, others probably won’t see it. For example, what’s important to you might not be topical enough for the press. Have they written about you or a similar company recently? Is the information you’re sharing new or unique?

Media relations is about building connections with editors, journalists, reporters, bloggers and producers across the media outlets that matter to your business – press, television, radio or the internet. This requires careful planning and timing, plus a knowledge of trends and specialisms that appeal to each of your target connections.

Providing a media pack is an effective way to give writers the need-to-know info about your business, product or service. It gives them the makings of a story. But facts aren’t enough – the next step is to make it news.

At Onyx Health, we have a wealth of experience of creating relevant media relation campaigns to tell a story and compel your target market to act – whether you are a start-up or an established pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic company.

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