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Content | 14th January 2019

Key Messaging in Healthcare Marketing

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In a sector where innovative scientific research and technology takes the lead in creating success, it’s easy to bypass one of the most fundamental human tools – communication.  

Whilst focusing in on the product itself is critical, simply shouting about the benefits doesn’t necessarily mean they are heard or that anyone is listening.   

Broadcasting a message is not communicating a message. Why? Because communication, by definition, ensures the message is received. To establish yourself in the (at times) saturated healthcare market, communication is key. 

That’s where ‘key messaging’ comes in.  

What are key messages?

Key messages are specific points of information that articulate what you do, how you do it and what makes you different. These points should be the basis for all your communication.  

Once perfected, your key messages will aid in unifying all your communication materials including sales aids, press materials, and social media posts. They ensure your audience receives consistent and digestible information, with each form of communication that you put out. Therefore, it’s vital that your messages are specific yet flexible enough to adapt to a range of mediums. 

Core elements strong key messaging

As key messages are hugely influential when it comes to creating effective, clear and consistent communication, you’ll want to ensure that they’re saying exactly what you want to put across.  

Your key messages should be; 

  • Digestible – from both internal and external perspectives, everyone in your business should understand your key messages and the reasoning behind them. 
  • Strategic – tell a story with your key messages to ensure that all your messages are relevant, informative and tie into your bigger picture. 
  • Succinct – make sure each message is concise and easy to use in context. 
  • Interesting – your messages must be memorable.  

Here at Onyx Health, we’re healthcare communication specialists. So, to find out more about improving your brand communication and developing strong key messages that have measurable impact, contact us on 0191 640 3638 or email us at

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