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Strategy | 10th October 2016

Do your customers understand the takeaway message?

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Effective communication is vital in all walks of life, but in business it is essential. A customer has to see the same message at least 8 times to take action or buy from you. Whilst not all communication can be controlled, your key messages can.

With repeated use, your key messages serve the foundation of all your written and spoken communications. Most importantly, these will help your customer understand your service and/or product in a simple way, making them more likely to buy.

Having a set of key messages will ensure:

  • Communication is clear, concise and persuasive
  • Information is prioritised so that audiences understand the meaning of your product and/or service, and why it matters above your competition
  • You stay focused when speaking with customers, the media and other stakeholders

Your content marketing

Key messages can be used across a plethora of marketing and communication collateral to resonate with both internal and external audiences.

The right messages targeted correctly, will help reach the correct people. Conversely, the wrong messages could do more harm than good.

Onyx Health

Whether you are a new business yet to identify your values, aims and objectives, or an established organisation, Onyx Health has the expertise to help clients identify their value proposition.

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