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The Impact of Brexit on Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry

By Onyx Health | 22nd September 2017

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The Prime Minister is due to speak on Brexit later today, in the historical Italian city of Florence.  The speech is billed to represent an “open and generous offer” to the rest of the Europe following months of deadlock across the negotiating table.

Whether this new offer has the desired effect, of breaking the deadlock and advancing discussions, this will only become apparent in the fourth round of Brexit negotiations, which is due to begin on 25 September.

However, until negotiations progress, there remains enormous uncertainty of what the country’s future relationship with the EU will look like. The UK’s medical and life sciences industry is no more safeguarded from the outcome of Brexit, as it is likely to mean a shift in the status quo.

Onyx Health, looks at the potential impact of Brexit on the healthcare industry and what we need to consider. I invite you open and share the attached infographic on your online and social media platforms.

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