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Design | 17th March 2016

Mind’s Best Friend – A dog could save your mental health

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Here at Onyx Health we understand how important it is to maintain your mental health. And what better way to do it than looking after a furry canine friend?

Having a dog not only provides a physical boost – playing with it and going for long walks can require quite a lot of energy – but it also improves your metal well-being. According to Help Guide (a trusted non-profit guide to mental health and well-being) if you are taking care of a beloved pooch:

• You are less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety
• Your blood pressure level could decrease
• You are more likely to be calm and relaxed if you play with your pet more often
• You are less likely to suffer from heart diseases, due to lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels
• You are more likely to survive longer after a heart attack
• Less visits to the doctor later in life (over 65)
• You are less likely to feel lonely

If you can’t afford to buy and keep a puppy at this stage of your life, maybe you should recommend one to your parents. Older people can also benefit mentally from dog ownership:

• Having a dog brings joy and meaning to your life. When retiring, many people would agree that it becomes difficult to find their purpose in life. Hence, having a dog can bring pleasure and help boost morale and self-worth, as well as providing fulfilment from knowing that you saved a life – if you go for the adoption option!
• Becoming a dog owner could help older people stay connected with friends and stay social. Participating in a group dog walking session or just talking to other dog owners could have a huge impact on a person’s social life.
• Man’s (or woman’s) best friend could also improve an older person’s vitality. Playing, running and walking with a dog has been shown to raise well-being and mood in the elderly.

By now you’re probably desperate to meet some mutts, and we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Hoults Yard is home to Onyx Health and is a community of creative businesses that like to get together. On Friday 18th March, we will be celebrating our puppy love by attending Cruft’s Yard dog show. The event will be a take on the famous canine competition, but will also bring pop-up shops, fundraising and burgers from Fat Hippo.

Dogs brought along by Hoults Yard businesses will compete for coveted titles such as Handsomest Hound or Waggiest Tail. Judges include Charlie Hoult, Steve Furnell and a representative from Dog’s Trust.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of owning a dog, please visit Help Guide.

And finally…

Did you know: Winston Churchill made frequent references to his depression, which he euphemistically called his “black dog”. Since then, the black dog has come to symbolise the battle against depression and is used to unite sufferers and raise awareness.

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