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Four healthcare policy areas to watch out for in the new parliament

By Onyx Health | 31st January 2020

The 2019 General Election result represents a seismic change to the British political landscape. Boris has got a whacking great majority of 80 MPs. Labour have suffered their worst electoral defeat since the 1930s, and the current Government has a clear mandate to implement their new policy programme.   

Aside from the endless talk of “getting Brexit done” and a potential realignment of traditional party allegiances, the NHS is one of the cornerstones of the Conservative Party’s domestic policy agenda. 

At Onyx Health we’ve been keeping a keen eye on the policy announcements that will have big implications for the pharma and healthcare sectors. We’ve pulled together the four key things we think the sector needs to watch out for in the coming parliament.   

1) The hospital building programme  

The Queens Speech boldly announced that the government will undertake “the biggest, boldest hospital building programme in a generation”1 as part of the Health Infrastructure Plan. 

What’s the policy?   
What’s the verdict?  

2) The NHS “people’s plan”  

One of the most prominent features of the Conservative Party Manifesto was the commitment to invest significant resources to boost NHS staffing levels in various areas.  

What’s the policy?  

This includes commitments to:  

What’s the verdict?  

3) The NHS Funding Bill (2019-20) 

The bill applies to NHS England only and has already been put before parliament, receiving its first and second readings.  

This fulfils the Conservative Party Manifesto commitment to “enshrine in law our fully funded, long-term NHS plan”.15   

What’s the policy? 
What’s the verdict? 

4) More legislation in the pipeline  

The Queens speech also included new legislative announcements for the coming parliamentary session. 

What’s the policy?  
What’s the verdict? 
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