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Onyx Health | 23rd May 2019

A healthcare marketing communications agency driven by knowledge to create success for you

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It’s daunting when you’re in search for a healthcare marketing communications agency, which more than likely is what brought you to this page.

At Onyx Health, we don’t just develop healthcare marketing communications and medical education programmes based on clinical evidence, market and commercial insights, we also nurture and educate our clients 

There are really no such things as typical working hours for us, we don’t stick to the 9-5. When our clients have an international presence, we are always on-hand. 

We don’t stop at a little more, we do a lot more. 

We’re not shy to say that we are creatively-minded and commercially-focussed. We give clients big ideas with impactful and integrated communications strategies, that deliver results and more importantly, growth. 

It’s an understatement to say, our clientswhen we’re valued as an extension to their internal team. 

We work with amazing SMEs who are changing the healthcare marketwho value our expertise and believe that we can take them to the next level. 

Our dynamic clients operate across the whole of healthcare and include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical diagnostics and consumer health product companies. 

We do everything from data analysis and market research to digital marketing and medical education. Social media engagement, impactful events, media relations, visual, broadcast communications, branding and crisis management are all in a day’s work for our talented marketing communications, digital and creative teams. 

Sometimes it’s difficult trying to manage multiple marketing agencies to gain the full package. As we do everything in-house, perhaps it’s time you spoke to us. 

We are ready to deliver, just say when.

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