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Go Digital Go OH

By Onyx Health | 13th January 2020

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They say a New Year is a new start. A time of year for making those obligatory resolutions that we all struggle to keep, signing up for a gym membership and beginning the battle of the bulge after the festive excess.  

At Onyx Health we’ve decided to set a New Year’s resolution to help our current and prospective clients to get into digital communications.  

Digital technology has resulted in seismic changes to the communication industry over the past decade. However, there is an increasing digital divide in the healthcare and pharma sectors, who have not always kept up to speed with the changing times.  

A recent report by McKinsey and Company shows that the pharma and healthcare sectors have a lower than average digital maturity score of 23, well behind other highly regulated industries such as insurance and banking. 

So, as we enter a new decade, there is a pressing need for the pharma and healthcare sectors to get up to speed with the digital revolution.  

We live in an age were digital technology is reshaping the healthcare landscape. The Health Secretary Matt Hancock has recently hailed the digital agenda as one of his top three priorities for transforming the NHS, both in terms of service delivery and investment.  

The practical upshot is that businesses in the healthcare and pharma sectors will need to get tech savvy to access key target markets in primary and secondary healthcare.   

As part of this, Onyx Health have recently launched our new digital offering in partnership with NE6 to supercharge the digital presence of the pharma and healthcare industry.  

Our new services will guide clients through their new digital strategy journey with a series of bespoke digital design workshops and training with industry experts. We work collaboratively with businesses to integrate digital solutions as part of their business strategy and deliver the results they need.  

Onyx Health offer clients a powerful range of digital tools to grow their business such as content strategy, automated marketing, platform design and social media campaign strategy, with a strong emphasis on customer experience. 

So, if you’re a business in the healthcare and pharma sector, it’s time to make getting into digital your New Year’s resolution. Get in touch with us to begin your digital journey.  

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