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Onyx Health | 12th December 2017

Femeda Ltd Appoints Onyx Health for Launch Campaign

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Femeda Ltd, a UK based healthcare company that develops medical devices to treat urinary incontinence (UI) in women, has appointed Onyx Health to undertake a UK and global PR programme to launch its ground-breaking device, Pelviva.

There are 698 million women worldwide affected by UI, however many existing products focus on managing and treating the symptoms of UI, rather than addressing the underlying cause.  Pelviva uses reactive pulse technology to strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles.

Pelviva is a life-changing technological breakthrough for the treatment of weak pelvic floor muscles that cause bladder leaks in women. The UI market is worth approximately $13.6bn and we are forecasting a significant market penetration” says Andrew Tasker, CEO at Femeda. “We decided to appoint Onyx Health to help launch Pelviva as we wanted to work with a marketing communications agency that has the in-depth women’s health knowledge and expertise needed to support us, as we prepare to launch globally.”

Pelviva has been developed keeping ease of use in mind, with just a pull tab to get it started.  Made of a bespoke soft foam, which adapts to every women’s individual shape, each device contains a micro-processor that delivers the unique Reactive Pulse Technology to stimulate both the power and endurance pelvic floor muscles

“We are delighted that Femeda has chosen to work with us. For far too long, urinary incontinence in women has been viewed as an inevitable fact of life, particularly in women who’ve had children,” says Onyx Health Director, Karen Winterhalter. “I am extremely excited by Pelviva, as it addresses a huge unmet clinical need and shows women they no longer need to accept that reduced bladder control is okay.”

Onyx Health work with a broad range of healthcare clients, including life sciences, pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic and consumer health companies wanting to enter global and UK markets.

For more information on Onyx Health’s marketing communications services, contact us on 0191 640 3638 or email

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