Digital communication solutions for continued customer engagement

Interactive Learning Environment

Collaborative strategy - we're with you every step of the journey

We’ll work with you to explore how digital channels can enhance your marketing communications strategy, and improve your engagement and interactivity with your customers.

We’ll work with you from the initial strategy development through to the design, build, content creation and evaluation process; continuously providing you with powerful insights into customer behaviour.

A knowledge driven approach – we offer bespoke digital medical communication solutions for continued customer engagement.


Bespoke Digital Services

Interactive Learning Environment

The Interactive Learning Environment uses cutting edge digital technology to offer a unique immersive digital experience for your customers, who will keep coming back for more.

Our Interactive Learning Environment is a bespoke online hub that is built around your communication and medical education needs.

It is an exciting evolution in the way you engage and interact with your global customers providing all the features of traditional offline engagement in an integrated virtual platform. Your customers will be able to participate in:

•  conference presentations
•  medical education programmes
•  working groups
•  product demonstrations
•  product information briefings
•  sales and medical information conversations
•  ask the expert discussions
•  advisory boards and much more

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Automated Marketing

Automated marketing builds meaningful relationships with your customers through timely, personalised content to guide them through the product adoption process.

Marketing automation analytics allow you to understand their behaviours and interests across multiple digital channels, allowing you to tailor content to their needs, creating interactions and dialogue that would take years to achieve face-to-face.

Meaningful Platform Design

Our inspired digital design thinking allows us to work with you to create a digital platform that puts your customer and their needs at its heart.

In a radical shift away from brochure type websites, our digital platforms are built around market insight, customer behaviour and user experience.

Our goal is to ensure you can engage and build a relationship with your customers, as they continually return to your platform.

Content Marketing is King

Relevant, informative content has the power to change your customer’s behaviour. It is not simply about broadcasting a blog or a video on social media.

Successful content marketing needs to be engaging, entertaining and enlightening.

Producing channel-specific regular, valuable content builds trust and brand loyalty for your business, and is a key foundation in your search engine optimisation (SEO).

Content is not just about the written word; visual and audible content offer a richer more immersive experience and need to be considered as part of any content marketing strategy.

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Importance of Social Media Campaigns

Our social media campaigns play an important role in raising the awareness of your company, products or services.

The core aim of any campaign is to engage your target audiences through a timely strategic approach, driven by striking written, visual and audible content, with a clear call to action to drive customer behaviour.

Social media content planning and evaluation is essential to drive forward your digital marketing strategy.

The company we keep - Onyx Health have partnered with digital product design and build specialists NE6 and VR/AR specialists Animmersion

Our strategic partnership with NE6 enables a seamless process from development of an initial digital strategy, to programme content and user experience (UX). We also offer design, build and continual evaluation of user behaviour across a broad range of bespoke platforms.

We’ve also formed a new collaboration with virtual and augmented reality specialists Animmersion UK.

We’re combining the expertise of both companies to support the development of immersive technologies such as our Interactive Learning Environment for the healthcare industry.

Workshops & Training

From design thinking to digital communication strategy, our expert and passionate team have the insight and knowledge that will ensure your digital project is a success. Whether it’s participative workshops or masterclass training, we have a range of solutions to ensure understanding and drive success.

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