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Digital marketing has increased importance in healthcare.

Digitalisation can transform your communication strategy, providing new opportunities for your healthcare company by accessing datapoints and interactions to further decisions.

Bespoke Digital Services

Content is king

Relevant and strategic content has the power to change customer behaviour. Content marketing can increase sales and awareness, retain customers and position your healthcare company as thought leaders.

Learn more about using content marketing in your marketing communications strategy.

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How does Automated Marketing work?

Automated marketing builds meaningful relationships with customers through timely, personalised and relevant contact that guides your customers from awareness to action.

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Meaningful Platform Design

Using digital platforms engages your audience to learn more, build relationships and drive sales. Design and user experience attracts and retains your potential and existing customers, making a lasting impression over your competitors.

Importance of Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns play an important role in raising the awareness of a company, product or service.  The aim of a campaign is to engage audiences through a timely strategic approach, providing clear call to action to drive customer behaviour.

Onyx Health have partnered with digital product design and build specialists NE6

The strategic partnership enables a seamless process from development of initial digital strategy, programme content, user experience (UX), design, build and continual evaluation of user behaviour across a broad range of customised internal and external platforms, communication and marketing tools.

Workshops & Training

From design thinking to digital communication strategy, our expert and passionate team have the insight and knowledge that will ensure your digital project is a success. Whether it’s participative (workshop) or masterclass (training) we have a range of solutions to ensure a better understanding of the key issues to be solved to drive the success of your business.

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