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Medical Education

By Onyx Health | 19th June 2020

Onyx Health Launch ILE: The Next Generation in Digital Engagement

The COVID-19 outbreak has been a game changer for the communications industry. There has been endless talks of using digital...


By Onyx Health | 12th March 2020

Enhancing Digital Strategies

The coronavirus outbreak is affecting businesses both big and small but don’t give up, it’s important to keep going, as...


By Onyx Health | 5th March 2020

Accessing customers through automated email marketing

Automated email marketing allows companies to send regular, real-time messages based on customer actions or viewing history. It can be triggered by a website visit, engagement with specific email campaigns,...



By Onyx Health | 13th January 2020

Go Digital Go OH

They say a New Year is a new start. A time of year for making those obligatory resolutions that we...


By Onyx Health | 9th January 2020

Five reasons why choosing a bespoke website is better for your business

There’s a lot of choice out there for those looking to invest in a new website or update their existing online offering. With...

Onyx Health

By Onyx Health | 20th December 2019

Hoults Yard “Unite for the Hunger Fight” with a Festive Food Bank Donation

Businesses from across Newcastle’s vibrant business village Hoults Yard have clubbed together to make a festive donation of over 1,500 items to a local...

Onyx Health

By Onyx Health | 17th December 2019

Meet our resident digital strategist Ryan Gibson

Intro This month we’re getting to know Onyx’s digital strategist Ryan Gibson, to find more about his background, skills and...


By Onyx Health | 10th October 2019

Let’s Talk about Mental Health

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises World Mental Health Day on 10 October every year.  Each year 16 million people in the UK will...

Thought Leadership

By Onyx Health | 22nd August 2019

China to become innovation hub: What does this mean for UK health & life science SMEs?

SMEs are often one of the most important drivers of economic growth for a country. Not only do they create...