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By Onyx Health | 5th October 2021

Five top tips for writing your marketing strategy

Making sales isn’t always easy, even when you have a great product. That’s why every business, big or small, needs...

Thought Leadership

By Onyx Health | 26th August 2021

PR vs Marketing: Is there a difference?

One of the first questions clients ask in the communications industry is, “what’s the difference between PR and marketing?”  It’s a great...

Industry Insight

By Onyx Health | 10th August 2021

Hitting the headlines: What makes a story newsworthy?

What makes a story ‘news’ is one of the most fundamental questions of PR and communications. But it’s not always an easy one to answer. The news cycle...


Onyx Health

By Onyx Health | 4th May 2021

Meet our new creative writer, Aimee Barber

Introduction   This week, Onyx Health’s resident Content Writer, Andrew, got to meet the latest addition to our PR and content team, Aimee Barber, to find out more about...


By Onyx Health | 11th March 2021

Onyx Health Insights: Why You Need Design Thinking

Design thinking has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way of problem solving for businesses. When somebody mentions ‘design’ the first thoughts that often...


By Onyx Health | 5th March 2021

Onyx Health Visual Trends of 2021

Our creative experts at Onyx Health have pulled together some of the biggest visual communication trends of 2021 so far....

Onyx Health

By Onyx Health | 24th February 2021

Meet Our Talented New Team Member, Hannah Riley

This week our resident Content Writer Andrew Hair sat down with the newest recruit to Onyx Health’s account management team, Account Executive Hannah...

Onyx Health

By Onyx Health | 16th February 2021

Meet Our New Creative Designers Henryk and Rachel

Our Content Writer Andrew caught up with the latest additions to Onyx Health’s design team, Art Worker Henryk Kitt and...

Onyx Health

By Onyx Health | 11th February 2021

Onyx Health’s #ThinkBig Competition – Helping Life Science SMEs Thrive

We sat down with our Associate Director Louise Flintoft to discuss the #ThinkBig campaign to help spin-outs and SMEs in...