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Medical Education

By Onyx Health | 19th June 2020

Onyx Health Launch ILE: The Next Generation in Digital Engagement

The COVID-19 outbreak has been a game changer for the communications industry. There has been endless talks of using digital...


By Onyx Health | 12th March 2020

Enhancing Digital Strategies

The coronavirus outbreak is affecting businesses both big and small but don’t give up, it’s important to keep going, as...


By Onyx Health | 5th March 2020

Accessing customers through automated email marketing

Automated email marketing allows companies to send regular, real-time messages based on customer actions or viewing history. It can be triggered by a website visit, engagement with specific email campaigns,...



By Onyx Health | 10th June 2020

Onyx Health Launch VR Learning Platform in Response to COVID-19

Healthcare marketing communication agency Onyx Health are set to launch a new Interactive Learning Environment (ILE), an online communication tool...


By Onyx Health | 4th June 2020

A Healthcare Communication Evolution in Response to COVID-19

The way we communicate has been transformed by the COVID-19 crisis. From the endless video calls with friends and relatives,...

Onyx Health

By Onyx Health | 28th May 2020

Meet the Team: James Machin

Intro In the latest edition of our regular feature at Onyx Health, our Content Writer Andrew Hair sat down with...

Thought Leadership

By Onyx Health | 20th May 2020

Kate’s Story

As it is Mental Health Awareness Week, I have decided to speak out about my struggle with mental health in...


By Onyx Health | 14th May 2020

Why Medtech Companies Should Embrace Visual Brand Communications

By Trevor Pill, Associate Director Medical Technology (Medtech) is an exciting mix of innovative companies that combine science, engineering and product design with cutting-edge technology. The end–result is a...

Onyx Health

By Onyx Health | 16th April 2020

Caroline gives her expert insights into the world of global marketing

This month Account Director Caroline Allard sat down with Content Writer Andrew Hair to discuss her experience in global marketing and the insights and...