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Onyx Health | 18th August 2023

Onyx Health welcomes Sarah Seilly as head of medical education

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Leading healthcare marketing communications agency, Onyx Health, has bolstered its team with the appointment of a new Head of Medical Education, Sarah Seilly. This strategic addition to the team reflects Onyx Health’s commitment to setting the stage for a transformative period in the medical education market, and further strengthening their foothold in the healthcare industry.

With Sarah at the helm of Onyx Health’s medical education offering, the agency is poised to pave the way for a more connected and responsive future in healthcare education. Leveraging Onyx Health’s deep-rooted expertise in omnichannel for healthcare communications, Sarah’s appointment will enable Onyx Health to introduce a new dimension of synergy between educational content delivery and the diverse channels available in today’s digital landscape.

Sarah joins Onyx Health from Olympus Medical where, as Lead Clinical Education Specialist, she orchestrated multiplatform programmes in collaboration with clinicians, optimising patient outcomes through innovative educational initiatives. Her talent for integrating clinical insights with educational strategies led to her leading the creation of a clinical guide suite for healthcare professionals, underscoring her commitment to elevating patient care and professional development.

Sarah’s career journey has been marked by a remarkable trajectory that has seamlessly blended her clinical expertise with her exceptional relationship-building skills. Beginning her career as a nurse, Sarah’s passion for healthcare led her to specialise as a nurse advisor in the field of Urology, where she garnered a deep understanding of the intersection of medical practice and patient care. Her journey then took a turn towards sales, where Sarah’s aptitude for cultivating relationships led to the development of a robust customer portfolio. This achievement naturally transitioned her into a role supporting sales training and mentoring new colleagues, a testament to her dedication and expertise.

On her appointment to Onyx Health, Sarah commented: “Medical education is an ongoing journey and one that will continue to evolve through innovative and immersive offerings in the future. To meet the changing needs of a healthcare sector characterised by a reduced workforce and healthcare professionals with limited time, educational content must be accessible 24/7 on multiple platforms to enhance confidence, knowledge, safety, and career progression.

“Collaboration with clinicians will be instrumental in achieving our client’s business objectives, furthering product education, and, most importantly, making a tangible impact on the lives of patients. As we further develop our team’s expertise, we’ll focus on gaining invaluable insights through direct interaction with healthcare professionals and key opinion leaders to tailor educational strategies”.

Managing Director, Trevor Pill, said: “We’re confident we can leverage the power of omnichannel communication to create a seamless and dynamic medical education experience for healthcare professionals and medical students. Our approach will involve utilising a blend of traditional and digital platforms to ensure that the transfer of knowledge is engaging, accessible, and tailored to meet the diverse needs of healthcare professionals”.

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