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Digital | 5th March 2020

Accessing customers through automated email marketing

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Automated email marketing allows companies to send regular, real-time messages based on customer actions or viewing history. It can be triggered by a website visit, engagement with specific email campaigns, or based on certain actions that a customer has taken. This process of marketing can be used across healthcare and helps to guide customers through a conversation funnel; however, email automation still remains an untapped opportunity for a lot of healthcare businesses. If used effectively, it saves time, helps to improve sales, and allows you to reach your customers at the right time with the right message.  

Email marketing allows you to engage customers wherever they are in the customer lifecycle. It allows you to open a dialogue, talk to them at the appropriate time whilst addressing topics that they may be interested in and identify the type of communication that they need in order to achieve the desired outcomes. But how can this help to grow my business?  

We have identified five key benefits that email automation can create for a company: 

1. Keeping your organisation at the forefront of your customers mind
2. Creating an ongoing conversation with your target audience 
3. Tailoring the communication to make sure the content is best suited
4. Establishing a more personal approach to increase customer engagement 
5. Tracking and analysing open rates and clicks on call to actions that feed into sales conversions 

Through marketing automation, we can identify areas of interest to customers and use this to tailor meaningful conversation to engage your target audience. As a result, open rates and click through rates are higher, driving visits to your website and ultimately revenue for your business. 

Email marketing also allows you to build your brand awareness and brand recognition, positioning yourself as a credible company in a timely manner whilst staying within your marketing budget. 

As leading healthcare marketing communications experts we understand the compliance requirements that all digital communications should follow in the pharma industry. Promotional material must adhere to the PMCPA (Prescription Medicines Code Of Practice Authorityand some key points to remember are: 

  • Marketing emails should only be sent or distributed to people who have a need or interest in the information and have opted in to receive them  
  • Frequency and volume of email marketing should not be disruptive 
  • Mailing lists must be kept up-to-date, with opt-ins that express permissions for recipients to be sent marketing communications. If a request to be removed from mailing lists is made, this must be actioned and no name may be kept except at the addressee’s request or with their permission. 

Do you want to find out how we can help your healthcare business with automated marketing? Contact us on, or to learn more about our digital services click here. 

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