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Through the programmes we develop our clients enjoy continued growth and success. Onyx Health is the marketing communications agency that ‘gets’ healthcare.

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We create bespoke medical communication solutions, which are driven by knowledge, to increase customer engagement. Through collaboration, we’ll explore how digital channels can enhance your marketing communications strategy to improve interactivity and build customer relationships.

We’ll be with you every step of the way, providing you with powerful insights into your customer’s behaviour.

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Being healthcare marketing communications and PR experts, Onyx Health has a wealth of knowledge and understanding in promoting pharmaceutical products to healthcare professionals or educating consumers about how best to manage their disease.

We pride ourselves on our in-depth market knowledge to ensure that the strategies we recommend to you are based on solid market research and understanding. Whether you are looking to develop key opinion leaders, organise an advisory board or undertake medical education programmes that connect with doctors through multi-channel marketing, the team at Onyx Health is able to help you. We are able to run healthcare disease awareness campaigns with content that engages with the end user, encouraging them to seek further help and advice.

For more information about our pharmaceutical marketing expertise, please get in touch or view our case studies to see how we have helped other businesses in the past.

Medical Devices & Diagnostics

Medical diagnostics have changed the way in which disease is diagnosed. Point-of-care testing devices are now used routinely in the healthcare setting to speed up patient treatment pathways.

Medical education is key to ensuring medical diagnostic devices are routinely and correctly used in a clinical setting, especially because many hospitals now want to try out a diagnostic device before committing to purchasing it.

At Onyx Health we are not only able to market your diagnostic device effectively, we are able to support your healthcare sales strategy with on and off-line training programmes, such as educational events, webinars, training materials, and videos – to name but a few.

To learn more about our expertise in medical diagnostics please do get in touch or view our case studies

Life Science

At Onyx Health we understand how integral life science companies are to modern research, processing and testing activity. We also understand how critical it is that your business reaches and impresses its customers, so that it can continue to focus on what’s important.

Onyx Health have experience working across a diverse portfolio of products. We are experts in pitching complex technologies to a diverse range of target groups, from academia or pharma researchers to safety and chemical testers and other biotech businesses.

We have the scientific know-how to engage you and your experts and the sympathetic attitude needed to guide you through the nuances of marketing strategy and communications and maximise your impact regardless of the scale of your enterprise.

We’re not afraid to challenge your expectations. To learn more about how we can help you get in touch or view our case studies

Consumer Health

Prevention is better than cure and nowhere more so than in the health and wellbeing sector.

At Onyx Health, we challenge conventional approaches to healthcare consumer marketing by taking products into the user’s world to engage and make them your brand ambassadors. Whether you are targeting baby boomers or millennials, male or female, we develop campaigns with big ideas that have impact.

We love to work with consumer healthcare marketing companies who have over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, medical devices, personal care products and vitamin and supplement manufacturers – all we ask is that you are brave and challenge us to think outside the box.

If you would like to learn more about our consumer healthcare PR and marketing expertise then do get in touch or view our case studies

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