Head Honcho
Karen Winterhalter
Head Honcho

Problem solver
Creative thinker
Integrating it all

Jimmy Choos, red wine, getting outside and running

The Imagineer
Trevor Pill
The Imagineer

Creative strategist
Brand architect
Sweats the small stuff

A challenge, fresh air, cycling and flapjacks

The Team Player
Stephanie Oxley
The Team Player

Effective organiser
Knowledge fanatic
Attentive team-mate

Bootcamp, pinot grigio and walking with Rio (the dog)

The Visionary
Ryan Gibson
The Visionary

Visual thinker
Problem solver
Idea painter

Drawing, badminton and discovering new places

The Writer
Beth Clark
The Writer

Content and media planning
Stakeholder relationship management

Games (board, card, party), music, chocolate

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