Strategy Case Study

Learn more by reading about one of our PR campaign strategies in action through the following case study.

The Challenge

Our client was 4th to market with a treatment for Parkinson’s Disease.

We developed a strategy to position their treatment as one that not only managed motor symptoms but also prevented some of the non-motor symptoms that made life very difficult for people living with the disease.

The Work

Initially, we undertook a global survey to identify what quality of life and daily living activities affected people living with Parkinson’s Disease most.

We then launched the results of the survey “Participation in Life” on World Parkinson’s Day, bringing Henry Cooper and Muhammad Ali together for the “Fight of Their Life” – the fight against Parkinson’s Disease.

This survey was also presented to key opinion leaders and healthcare professionals at a specially organised Participation in Life conference.

The Result

The outcomes of the survey brought around a significant change in how Parkinson’s Disease is treated today. Managing non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's Disease is now as important as managing motor symptoms

Clinicians moved away from purely controlling motor symptoms to instead considering other issues such as lack of sleep, depression and other quality of life factors that prevented people living with Parkinson’s disease from participating in life.

Our client’s product became the biggest selling global treatment.

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