Social Case Study

Read our case study below to find out how we provide social media marketing and management services in real-time situations.

The Challenge

After success in Southeast Asia, the challenge was to raise social awareness across the UK. We aimed to create an online community, in which stories and advice could be shared across social platforms, whilst engaging with potential customers to bring the benefits of the product front of mind.

The Work

Using a variety of images, videos and blog posts we were able to connect with our audience whilst growing awareness of the product. Engaging competitions and close work with influencers encouraged personal stories to be shared within the community. We developed a “Shop” through Facebook, allowing our audience to explore the range of the product available without leaving the platform, thus allowing for ease of use.

The Result

In the first six months, the Suu Balm Facebook page reached 160.8K people. It generated 4.9K page views and 51.7K online video views, amounting to 10.2K minutes watched.

Facebook and Twitter are now the go-to platforms for customers to ask their questions about Suu Balm directly to the team – with 100% response rate of 4 minutes to questions via Facebook Messenger.

Increased awareness of the brand saw an increase in sales of the product online, which continues to rise.

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