Social Case Study

Read our case study below to find out how we provide social media marketing and management services in real-time situations.

The Challenge

We aimed to create an engaging blog site for the client, appealing to women in their mid-thirties to sixties who if they make healthy decisions now will reduce the likelihood of developing life threatening diseases later on in life.

The Work

We developed We Understand Women’s Health blog site and social media pages as an online platform to share opinions of health topics in the news, write about products we love and give personal accounts of our own health concerns.

The Result

An online community has developed as a result of our social media campaign, which is growing by the day.

Our Facebook followers engage with us on the blog-site, ask health questions and share content.

We also get approximately 2,000 page views per week, as well as support and endorsement from leading women’s health charities.

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