Sales Management Case Study

The case study below will provide you with more information about how we providesales management support for a healthcare client selling to the NHS. 

The Challenge

Our client had hit a barrier and sales had stagnated. Early adopters had bought the product, but the sales team were reporting that they could not convince hospital Trusts to purchase the product. Our strategy was to engage with trust decision-makers to help them understand the cost-efficiency saving that could be made, which in turn would improve patient outcomes.

The Work

We identified product champions in each Trust who supported the use of the device. We worked with them to bring together all department decision-makers in a meeting to discuss the device, then we presented financial models to demonstrate the cost efficiencies to the Trust.

The Result

Within 6 months of each meeting, 12 hospital Trusts have placed an order for a device. Some have even requested multiple purchases.

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