Medical Education Case Study

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The Challenge

To increase the availability of the drug in European clinical institutions by working with influential UK and EU oncology nurses to identify each individual market’s training requirements.

From this, we could discover which educational materials would empower nurses to use the drug or make a case for the drug.

The Work

We organised and led an international advisory board with leading oncology nurses to determine the product usage barriers, key influencers to get the antidote into hospitals, and establish the nurses training requirements.

From this, we developed:

A set of educational training slides to help nurses understand the nature of extravasation, its risks if not dealt with correctly, and best practice on how to manage an anthracycline extravasation.

A training video, translated into 7 different languages, demonstrating how hospital pharmacists reconstitute the antidote to anthracycline extravasation in aseptic facilities.

An infographic which illustrated the reconstitution process step-by-step so the pharmacist could use it as a guide within the aseptic unit.

Extravasation training sessions for oncology nurses so that they would know how to respond in the event of an extravasation.

The Result

The training programme is now available online and accessed on a daily-basis by oncology nurses throughout Europe.

The on-line training package has meant that the company no longer requires a field-based sales force throughout Europe as this package provides them with an alternative way of communicating with their customers.

Sales of the product has increased significantly since the launch of the training package.

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