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In order to gain a better understanding of our healthcare copywriting services, read our case study below:


The Challenge

UL Medicines strength in the unlicensed medicine market had grown significantly since the company first started working with Onyx Health in 2009.

Recently we aimed to position the company as the industry leader and expert in this market.

The Work

We have created our own digital publication called the Unlicensed Expert and developed a content plan for a series of online editions. We generated original, engaging content based on industry news and guidelines, internal interviews with members of the team and a ‘behind the scenes’ look into each of their services.

Editions of the Unlicensed Expert were showcased on the client’s newly designed website too, with further copies distributed to customers as an e-blast, which also directed customers onto the website.

The Result

Since enhancing the company’s range of online services and building a relationship with customers through digital content, sales have exceeded expectations.

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