Branding Case Study

Hoping to find out more about our company branding services? Take a look at our case study below.

The Challenge

Our aim was to build brand value and trust in a conception kit, that had been launched 2 years previously but had failed to make the sales impact the client had expected.

By improving the branding, we aimed to give women the confidence to initially purchase the product and then repeatedly purchase it, until they got pregnant.

The Work

We revitalised a failing brand by updating and redesigning the logo and re-branding the conception kit packaging, as well as the website and other marketing materials.

We developed an animated video to explain exactly how the products within the kit worked together.

The Result

With no other marketing support, the company sold over 300 packs in the first month of launch as a result of new branding.

A leading chemist retailer who initially turned the company down also became interested in stocking the product.

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