5 Things That Make Healthcare Marketing Unique

It will come as no surprise to you to hear that healthcare is different to many other industries – which in turn sets health marketing apart from other consumer goods and services.

In this quick guide, we highlight the top five points that we think make healthcare marketing unique to other marketing needs across businesses:


Compliance – No matter how clever, creative or compelling an idea or a piece of content is, if it does not meet the approval of regulatory standards, it’s in breach of industry standards. For this reason, healthcare marketeers need a full understanding of the rules, whilst remaining relevant, engaging and effective

Ever-changing healthcare system – With new policy and budget restrictions being enforced on a continuous basis, it is important to be adaptable and stay ahead of the curve

Expert knowledge – Working in healthcare requires a specialist and strategic understanding of the market so that campaigns are credible and cut through to the right stakeholders

Audience – Healthcare communications requires individualised messages to multiple audiences. For example, key messages conveyed to patients, may need to be adapted for healthcare professionals

Healthcare is not a typical market – In the UK, few consumers will pay for their own care, so even if you can persuade a patient in the value of your product, they might not be able to access it. Also, what works for one Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), might not work for another, so each approach needs to be tailored


The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, making it is necessary more so than ever for healthcare businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

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